Case Studies

Each of us have our own set of life circumstances that we need to address. Like the endless combinations of designs for snowflakes, each person’s situation is unique. The following case studies are intended to give you a few examples of how various family issues and concerns can be addressed through proper planning. Contact PhilanthroCorp at 800-876-7958 to assist you with your estate planning.

Case 1 - Married, 3 young children, $400,000 estate

Case 2 - Married, 3 young children, $800,000 estate

Case 3 - Married, 3 early adult children, $2.4 m estate

Case 4 - Married, retired couple, 3 adult children, $2 m estate

Case 5 - Married, no children, siblings and charity to benefit

Case 6 - Married, 3 adult children, one of whom is irresponsible

Case 7 - Single, 2 adult children, one deceased child leaving no heirs

To learn how to create an estate plan that reflects your values and achieves your goals, call PhilanthroCorp at 800-876-7958.

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