Letter of Encouragement

Your estate documents can be a wonderful opportunity to leave behind a written testimony of your faith in Christ. D. L. Moody’s will contained this great passage as a lasting expression of his eternal confidence in Christ: “You may have heard that I died. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am alive and well, enjoying the presence of God for eternity. It’s my hope that you will take great joy in my recent promotion. It’s also my prayer and request that if you haven’t discovered the truth about God sending His son to die on the cross so that none should perish, you will seek His truth with great urgency as a personal favor to me.”

Another enduring, clear statement was left by Patrick Henry, one of America’s Founding Fathers, who said, “If I had all the goods this world can offer but had not faith in Christ, I would amongst all men be poor indeed.”

Whether you use a will or a trust, you can include a love letter to your loved ones, affirming and encouraging them. Consider joining the countless Christians who have made such statements, either by incorporating them into the text of their documents, or in letters to be found with their documents following their deaths. Such statements will indeed be treasured by those you leave behind.

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