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Submit this form and our Scheduling Team will connect with you to schedule a telephone appointment with one of our Estate Specialists.

1. The first meeting, which takes 30 to 40 minutes, focuses mainly on gathering information and understanding your personal goals.

2. Immediately after the initial appointment, we will send you a summary of the information gathered along with a document entitled, “Biblical Perspectives of Estate Planning”. We then develop a preliminary estate design proposal that becomes the primary focus of the next phone meeting.

3. During the next phone meeting, we will begin refining the proposal. We will continue to do this in subsequent calls until we have finalized an estate design that completely accomplishes your goals.

4. At this juncture, we will connect you with an attorney to move into the drafting phase. We are able to introduce you, over the telephone, to an attorney in our network that will draft your documents at a reduced rate. If you already have a relationship with an attorney, we are happy to work together to complete your estate plan.

5. The Estate Specialist will continue to work with you and your attorney until you have estate documents that match the finalized proposal. When the documents are executed, we send you a binder for the documents and our final design proposal. The binder includes a very helpful booklet entitled, "Memo to Loved Ones". We then schedule a final call to review the booklet and help you organize all information to make things easier for loved ones.

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